Dolores Lungaro-Mifsud - Ceramic Artist

The first time I handled clay I instantly fell in love with the medium.

Over the past few years much of my efforts have been directed to experimentation, introspection and expression. This allowed me to produce works through self taught techniques, deepening my knowledge of clays, glazes and various added materials including sawdust, paper, metals and glass.

I studied under various ceramic artists, attended courses at MCAST Institute of Art and Design, workshops and seminars to help develop my skills and perception in ceramics.

In 2010 I proudly set up my own studio, bought my first kiln and started working on bigger projects.

Respect, understanding and representation of clay continues to become more precise and personal - helping me express my views of life, giving fire to my imagination with the combination of active surfaces, sometimes aggressively tooled and deeply stained. My practice is rooted in material investigation. I see my work as being in a constant state of flux. Processes change and evolve - today I’m rooted in abstract ceramic sculpture and ceramics for the wall, while tomorrow I’ll be into figurative, landscape or geometrical pieces. It is my intention to create works that, in relation to each other, seem as dichotomous as they are connected. Although materials and processes may seem different, they find connection through aesthetics and textural repetition. Each piece is a subtle collaboration of artistry, chemistry and fire.  The end result is always something unique - an original work of art.

Awarded 1st prize for best sculpture (in ceramic) covering all mediums 2011 at the 10th National Competition and Exhibition, Malta Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce.


Vice President & Co-Founder, Malta Raku Association.

Committee Member,  Art Discussion Group